Find the Perfect Davit Crane at Vector Lifting

Stability defines the Australian economy, with the Bureau of Statistics noting (http://wwwabsgovau/ausstats/abs@nsf/mf/52060) a 09% volume growth and a 15% GDP growth in 2015 These subtle increases - led by the mining and manufacturing industries - bolster the nation’s worldwide ranking, helping... ... read more.

Let Vector Lifting Connect you to efficient Gantry Designs

The industrial world is ever-changing Vector Lifting enables our clients to keep pace with those changes, connecting them to a fleet of gantry cranes These tools - which accommodate a variety of environments, cargo demands, and workstation needs - allow companies to enhance their processes We... ... read more.

Vector Lifting can deliver the Portable Gantry crane for your job

It's a small space - a corner tucked between the crowded aisles of your workshop, with pallets, boxes, and spare parts flanking both sides Within its scant inches will be a series of small cargo loads (all processed, packaged, ready for dispatch to their appropriate stations) Manoeuvring these... ... read more.

Vector Lifting are experts in Structural steal fabrication

The quest for expediency drives the industrial market Companies are forever assessing their operations, redefining in-house standards and eliminating steps that syphon away both time and profits Simplicity defines every decision - which is why choosing experienced structural steel fabricators in... ... read more.

Hire Vector Lifting’s Proprietary Take Up Winch

In 1987, Vector Lifting was started in Cockburn Central, Perth Almost 30 years later, we are recognised as Australia's leading design and fabrication company for specialised lifting and maintenance equipment We built our brand on the foundations of quality and safety—both factors that your... ... read more.

Vector Lifting’s Crusher and Railway Maintenance Equipment

Clients’ equipment needs are all unique When it comes to maintenance and other equipment types it is important to have items that are designed to meet a company’s specifications, while also meeting Australian standards With over 25 years of experience and their current ISO 9001 certification,... ... read more.

Jib Cranes and Mobile Gantry Cranes

Vector Lifting designs and manufactures jib cranes that meet Australian standards Vector Lifting has a wide range of standard designs to suit any application, or they can design a jib crane to meet your specifications Either way, your jib crane will be certified to meet AS1418, so you can be sure... ... read more.

A Trusted Fabricator of Every Type of Crane

Vector Lifting designs and fabricates all types of equipment for your structural and lifting work, including gantry cranes A gantry crane is a type of “bridge” crane with two or more legs that run parallel to each other and a bridge overhead with a hoist The load is lifted underneath, in the... ... read more.

Electric Cranes and Air Hoists

You already know how important it is to use lifting and maintenance equipment that meets Australian safety standards, that is low-maintenance, and that will last for a long time Deciding on a manufacturer for built-to-order products can be overwhelming, as it is a big decision to make However, when... ... read more.

Custom Built Electric Hoists and Winches

Vector Lifting designs and fabricates a range of heavy-duty winches, including electric rope winches, for the individual needs of their clients The experts at Vector Lifting have the ability to be completely flexible with their winch designs and will build them based on clients’ specifications,... ... read more.

Railway and Locomotive Jacks

Vector Lifting designs and fabricates a variety of railway maintenance equipment, including train lifting systems that can be designed for a variety of different needs At Vector Lifting, railway and locomotive jacks are designed to suit a variety of locomotives, wagons, and rail maintenance... ... read more.

Spreader Beams and Chain Blocks

Choosing a designer for your structural steel work equipment can be a daunting task, but Vector Lifting makes it easy Vector Lifting is a truly client oriented company, and will design any equipment to a client’s specifications to provide them with the custom products they need Their decades of... ... read more.

Wire Rope and Electric Chain Fabrication

Vector Lifting is based in Western Australia, but has distributors throughout Australia for client convenience Since 1987 they have been industry leaders with their superior and flexible designs for jib cranes, specialized lifting equipment, and maintenance equipment in Australia They are ISO 9001... ... read more.

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