Custom Built Electric Hoists and Winches

Vector Lifting designs and fabricates a range of heavy-duty winches, including electric rope winches, for the individual needs of their clients. The experts at Vector Lifting have the ability to be completely flexible with their winch designs and will build them based on clients’ specifications, as they do with all of the products they offer.

Vector Lifting’s wide selection of electric hoists, electric trolleys, and electric rope winches are purpose-built to satisfy and exceed industrial requirements and to provide you with safe and reliable solutions to your lifting needs. This equipment is designed for maximum operational efficiency and safety and offers additional features to suit the needs of individual clients. Vector Lifting offers hoists in different versions including hook suspension, push trolley, and motorised trolley, so they can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Electric Hoists and Winches Provide You with Safe and Simple Solutions

Electric hoists are designed to exceed industrial standards, and provide users with a completely reliable lifting solution. Electric hoists and trolleys are custom built to optimise your workflow and safety. If you have an unusual workshop need, ask about optional features that might provide a solution. Electric rope winches are well-suited to heavy lifting, lifting at high speeds or great heights, and areas of high duty. Wire rope drum winches offer capacities of up to 25,000kg with a single-line pull, or even greater with multiple-line pulls, depending on customer needs. All winch control systems are built to order with a focus on the particular functions required. They can all be used for many applications, including pump handling, conveyor dynamic tensioning, and counter weighing.

The electric hoists and trolleys built by Vector Lifting are tough and low-maintenance, so they can stand up even to the severest of environments. You won’t have to worry about whether these products will perform well when you need them to. Their Customised Control System with complete interlocking function ensures fail-safe operation, and explosion proof models are available for use in hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2. Like all of Vector Lifting’s products, their electric rope winches and electric trolleys are manufactured to Australian standard AS1418 and meet quality standard ISO 9001.

Vector Lifting Has an Experienced Team of Experts to Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction

Vector Lifting is an Australian owned company that focuses on flexibility with design and convenient customer care, with distributors located throughout Australia. For over 25 years, Vector Lifting has remained at the forefront of railway maintenance equipment and jib crane design and fabrication. They are ISO 9001 certified and all of their products meet Australian standards. Vector Lifting will work with you to design and fabricate lifting and maintenance equipment based on your specifications. Vector Lifting ensures your total satisfaction by working with you closely throughout all phases of your project. In an industry where compliance and safety are of utmost importance, trust your business to the lead designer and fabricator in Australia.

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