Luffing Cranes

Vector Lifting design and manufacture bespoke Luffing Cranes, tailored to meet the specific operational and build requirements of clients and their sites. Cranes are supplied as a complete turn-key product, requiring only site power to be terminated at the crane.

Luffing Crane design focuses on operator safety and productivity, through extensive consideration to simplified operator controls, robust construction, maintainability, and harsh operating environments.

Typical Features include:

  • Main Hoist (Typical Capacity – 50 tonne to 150 tonne)
  • Auxiliary Hoist (Typical Capacity – 5 tonne to 20 tonne)
  • Slew (Typical Range – 360° Continuous)
  • Luffing (Typical Range – 0° to 70°)
  • Access Platforms
  • Travel Limits
  • Hoist Load Cells
  • Radio Control
  • High IP Rating

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