Mobile and Fixed Gantry Cranes

Hercules Gantry Crane

Capacity from 250kg up to 10,000kg and span from 3m up to 6m (plus) gives the Hercules mobile gantry crane a wide range of possibilities and areas to be deployed. The simple design makes it easy to assemble and dismantle anywhere indoors or outdoors. Effortlessly shifted on its castors. Height adjustable versions can be built to order.


  • Capacity from 250kg to 10,000kg
  • All steel construction.
  • Heavy Duty Castor Wheels
  • Complies with Australian Standards
  • Movable on Castor Wheels

Options Available

  • Chain or Wire Rope Hoist (Motorized or Manual)
  • Manual or Electric Trolley (Hoist Travel)
  • Motorized Crane Travel
  • Crane Electrics
  • Castor Wheel Brakes
  • Intrinsically Safe Option in accordance to ATEX
  • Custom Paint Systems or Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Site Installation Available

Travelling Gantry Cranes

Vector Lifting manufactures custom travelling gantry cranes, designed to meet both Australian Standards and end user requirements. Crane capacities, spans, and height of lift are completely customisable to meet specific requirements. Generally, travelling Gantry Cranes are rail mounted, however can also be tire or track mounted.

Vector Lifting can also provide complete turn-key installations, including civil and rail design, and crane installation.

Feature Project

Vector Lifting was awarded the Design and Construct Contract for the supply of the Australian Marine Complex Portal Crane. The crane has a 150 tonne main hoist and 50 tonne auxiliary hoist, providing 30m height of lift and 60m clear span. The crane is self-propelled, allowing travel in and out of the assembly hall.


  • Capacity from 250kg to 250 tonne
  • Manual or Motorised Travel
  • Chain or Wire Rope Hoists
  • Travel Limits
  • On-Board Control Systems
  • Festoon or Cable Reeler Power/ Control Cable Delivery
  • Rail or Track Design
  • Supply of running rails
  • Site works and Installation

Portal Cranes

Vector Lifting also designs and manufactures fixed, free standing portal cranes. Where permanent craneage is require with the absence of existing structure or existing building capacity, Vector Lifting can design a portal crane to suit the particular lifting requirements of the site or workshop.

Vector Lifting can provide civil design services for the installation of the portal crane, as well as site installation.


  • Capacity from 250kg to 25tonne
  • Chain or Wire Rope Hoists
  • Travel Limits
  • On-Board Control Systems
  • Festoon or Cable Reeler Power/ Control Cable Delivery
  • Site works and Installation

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