Mining Maintenance Equipment

Vector Lifting can develop and design equipment to suit specific lifting and maintenance tasks.

Feeder Removal Trolleys

Vector Lifting design and manufacturer specially designed removal trolleys for the removal and replacement of vibratory screens from rescreening plants, providing safe and efficient means to maintain and service the equipment.

Functional flexibility is offered to tailor the Removal Trolley to best suit the site constraints and operator preferences. The pictured trolley is a self powered unit, designed to manoeuvre within the tight space constraints of the existing building and provided precise alignment with overhead screens.


Design Features

  • Single unit handles multiple screen types.
  • Vertical lift and tilt function.
  • Four wheel drive (4WD).
  • Four wheel steering (4WS) with side shift (crab mode).
  • Radio control or fixed position operation.
  • Self Powered diesel power plant or external electric power supply
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance to AS/NZS 9001:2008 and Australian Standards

Standard Safety features include:

  • Self Locking Lifting Screw Arrangements
  • Lift Synchronisation
  • Lift Nut Wear Limit Detection
  • Full Capacity Secondary Safety Nut
  • Lowering Obstruction Detection
  • Lift and Lower Travel Limit

Hydroset Removal Trolleys

The Hydroset Removal Trolley is designed to provide a safe and efficient means of accessing and removing the hydroset and eccentric from under ore crushing plants.

The unit is self driven along two monorails, travelling in and out of the crusher vault. Two lifting arrangements, are incorporated into the trolley design; the Primary Lift hoists the entire rideable platform, while the secondary lift is used to conduct the final lift and contact with the crusher components. The Secondary Lift also incorporates side shift and rotation providing the flexibility to align hydroset and eccentric mounting holes.

The design focus of the trolley is on three key areas; safety, functionality and reliability. Safety is a product of functionality, with extended platform access, enclosed work areas and operational flexibility to complete maintenance work efficiently. Considering the working environment, units are designed robust and are offered with labyrinth seals or completely enclosed covers on all rotating bearing arrangements and dust sensitive equipment.


Design Features

  • Primary Lifting Platform
  • Two Speed Travel Speed (in and out of vault)
  • Secondary Lifting Platform
  • Secondary Lifting Platform Lateral Shift
  • Secondary Lifting Platform Rotation
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance to Australian Standards

Safety Features include:

  • Self Locking Lifting Screw Arrangements
  • Lift Synchronisation
  • Lift Nut Wear Limit Detection
  • Full capacity secondary safety nut
  • Travel and Motion Limit Switches
  • Obstruction Detection

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