Railway Maintenance Equipment

Vector Lifting are design and manufacture all Railway Maintenance Equipment in Australia in compliance to Australian Standards. The customisable equipment range includes:

  • Complete Train Lifting Systems
  • Bogie and Wheelset Drop Tables
  • Turntables
  • Railway Jacks
  • Custom Lifting Appliances

Underfloor Lifting Systems

Vector Lifting has continued to develop and improve the Underfloor Lifting System (ULS) to assist in the maintenance of Electrical Multiple Units (EMU). The ULS has been developed to raise a single car or multiple car configurations. When raised the ULS will support the carriage/s whilst the bogies are lowered.

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Above Floor Lifting Systems

Vector Lifting have developed the Above Floor Lifting System (ALS) to assist in the maintenance of Electrical Multiple Units (EMU). The ALS was developed to reduce the civil construction requirements within the maintenance facility. The ALS has been found to reduce time taken by maintenance crews to complete scheduled tasks due to ease of access to major components.

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Bogie and Wheelset Drop Tables

Vector Lifting has developed Bogie and Traction Motor / Wheelset Drop Tables to facilitate in the removal of bogies and traction motor wheelset assemblies from locomotives. Both droptables have been designed to increase efficiency and safety within the maintenance workshop through simplified and robust operation.

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Loco and Bogie Turntables

Vector Lifting have developed turntables to suit locomotives through to various bogies and wheelsets. The turntables are designed to improve efficiency and workflow in the maintenance depot and rail yard. The bogie turntables are utilised to improve the workflow of bogies within the depot and prevent the downtime of overhead cranes and forklifts.

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Railway Jacks

Vector Lifting have developed a range of fixed and mobile Heavy Railway Jacks to suit a variety of locomotives, wagons and rail maintenance vehicles. Jacks feature cantilevered extendable anvils for positioning and vehicle pick up, as well as double lifting jack systems incorporating both vehicle lift and bogie removal.

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Maintenance Equipment

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