Take up / Counter Weight Winches

Vector Lifting Winch Features

  • Capacity: As per client requirements.
  • Active Rope Length: As per client requirement.
  • Designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in Australia.
  • Safe, Robust, Reliable and Simple Design.
  • Compliant to Australian Standards including AS4024 ‘Safety of Machinery’.
  • Designed to suit specific operating conditions and requirements.
  • Each style of winch has been individually designed to ensure efficiency is maintained for sizing of components such as the motor gearbox arrangements, drum size and overall frame size.
  • Each winch incorporates an electric motor and gearbox individually sized for each application to ensure motor/gearbox arrangement is selected to ensure maximum efficiency of power and torque.


Custom Winch Designs

  • Gravity Take Up Winches (GTU)
  • Stacker Boom Luff Winches
  • Custom Application Winches

Standard Design and Function

  • Covers and guarding to protect winch and the operators
  • Hoist Limit Switch – Adjustable Up and Lower Limits
  • Rope Overlay Limit – to ensure if a double up of the rope occurs hoisting is ceased
  • Load Cells – Are incorporated for overload prevention
  • Lifting Eyes – Lifting eyes were incorporate to assist with transport and installation of winches
  • All stainless steel components used to prevent corrosion
  • Final Up Limit – To prevent overrun in the event of other limits to protect winch and structure.
  • Winch frame used to house all electrical cabling to prevent damage and entanglement
  • Transport Frames – supplied to assist in transporting the winches as a complete unit


  • All winches include covers and guarding in compliance with AS4024 ‘Safety of Machinery’.
  • Mesh guarded front panel to allow for visual inspection of the drum and rope.
  • The front cover is hinged for easy operation.
  • Solid top cover to prevent ingress of water, dust and particles that may damage or affect the operation of the winch.
  • Limit switches are guarded to prevent unauthorised or manual triggering.

Standard Electrical Features

  • IP66 stainless steel lockable enclosure
  • Heavy duty metal limit switches
  • All cables mechanically protected

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