Vector Lifting specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke material handling equipment.  Undertaking all design and manufacture in-house, solutions are tailored to end user requirements.


Motorised Gantry Crane4000kg Motorised Gantry Crane

Vector Lifting was recently awarded the contract to design and manufacture a fully motorised mobile gantry crane for one of its regular clients.

Client approached Vector Lifting looking for a materials handling solution as their building wasn’t suitable for an overhead crane, but still wanted to move materials around within their workshop.


Crane Features:

  • Capacity 4000 kg
  • Span 6500 mm
  • Underside of Beam 5800 mm
  • Height of Lift 5000 mm
  • Lifting Speeds 4.0/0.7 m/min
  • Trolley Speeds 20.0/5.0 m/min
  • Travel Speed 5 m/min
  • Pendant control
  • Steerable
  • Retractable cable reeler with 4 pin plug at end
  • 415V,
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Cathead Extendable Slewing Jib Crane

Vector Lifting provided the complete turn-key supply of 4 x motorised slewing jib cranes for the Garden Island, NSW Subs Charging Station. The bespoke Jib Crane was designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Vector Lifting, with work scope including civil design and installation.

The Jib Crane was designed to carry charging cables and for the crane to slew and extend out to reach desired position. Vector Lifting worked with the client to develop and provide a customised jib crane specific to their needs.

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Kununurra Diversion Dam Travelling Gantry Crane

The replacement crane for the Kununurra Diversion Dam Wall was successfully design, manufactured and installed by Vector Lifting.

The crane, which straddles the Victoria Highway as it passes over the Diversion Dam Wall, was assembled in our laydown yard in Kununurra, then transported complete during the scheduled road closure.

Prior to installing the new crane, the original crane was transported off the dam wall by Vector Lifting and installed at the Swim Beach Park off Millington Drive as a monument.

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Aurizon Locomotive Turntable

Vector Lifting provided the complete turn-key supply of a locomotive turntable for an Aurizon Rail Depot. The bespoke turntable was designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Vector Lifting, with work scope including civil design and installation.

The turntable was designed to accommodate all locomotives and track machines within the company’s rail fleet. Vector Lifting worked with Aurizon to develop and provide a customised dual point control system, and customised access platforms for rail machine driver and personnel passage.

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BHP Ore Wagon Jacks

Vector Lifting provided bespoke ore wagon jacks to BHP to support a fleet wide upgrade. The jacks were developed to provide simultaneous support and hoisting of the wagon body and bogies, providing the most efficient means of bogie exchange.

Key project goals achieved were:

  • Single column manipulation of wagon body and bogie
  • Inherent lift safety and guaranteed load support for under carriage access
  • Custom Control System design with multi-level user access and control login
  • Bespoke electrical power and control system manufacture to suit project and client requirements.
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LKAB Luffing Crane

Vector Lifting was engaged to supply a 70 tonne capacity luffing crane for LKAB’s Mertainen Iron Ore Mine, near the artic town of Kiruna in Sweden. The project deliverables included bespoke design, manufacture and site commissioning.

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Margaret Court Arena

Vector Lifting was contracted to design, manufacture, install and commission the Moving Roof for the new stadium upgrade for the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

All components, including the main drive bogies, trailing bogies and control system were manufactured and installed by Vector Lifting. Design development and site installation included working along side the arena architect and structural engineer to develop a product that suited the design scope of the project. The complexity around the structure and the requirements outlined by the architect ensured constant collaboration was required to achieve a successful outcome.

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Perth Arena Moving Roof

The Hyundai Hopman Cup at its home at the Perth Arena, with all matches played under the Vector Lifting Retractable Roof.  Being an opened air event to replicate conditions for the Australian Open, the Retractable Roof was opened and adjusted throughout the entire tournament, with operation occurring during match play over both players and spectators.

Vector Lifting designed, manufactured and installed the travelling equipment, including control system for the two separate roof panels.

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Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

Vector Lifting was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of several pieces of railway maintenance equipment for the Taiwan High Speed Rail System, including:

  • Underfloor Lifting System
  • Bogie Drop Table
  • Bogie Load Test System
  • Bogie Disassembly and Assembly Hoists
  • Static & Dynamic Wheel Balancing Machines
  • Bogie and Wheelset Turntables
  • Wheelset and Axle Rotators
  • Mobile Jacks
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