Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

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Vector Lifting is an Australian Company that specialise in the manufacture and support of jib cranes and material handling equipment. Being a manufacturer of cranes and lifting equipment in Australia, Vector Lifting has the experience and knowledge of both product and Australian Standards to ensure your equipment is cared for correctly, and service records documented correctly to provide accessible documentation to you and governing bodies.

What We Offer

Vector Lifting offer a range of services to ensure that your equipment is maintained correctly, ensuring safe operation, minimising downtime through elimination and achieving expected equipment service life.

Preventative Maintenance
One off, or ongoing planned maintenance, is offered to ensure your equipment is correctly cared for, and is safe to operate. Vector Lifting works with the equipment owners to establish customised service plans to best suit their needs, offering complete service plans to yearly maintenance services and documentation inspection of owners internal service records.

Repairs and Corrective Maintenance
Vector Lifting is available for callout inspections and breakdown repairs to return your equipment back to serviceable condition. With engineering design and manufacturing workshop support, complete service, repairs and rectification works are offered, to ensure all tasks are completed by the one company in the fastest possible time frame.

Statutory Inspections and Compliance to Australian Standards
Being an Australian manufacturer of lifting equipment, Vector Lifting has the experience and understanding of the Australian Standards to assist equipment owners to fulfil their obligations and to ensure that equipment life is maximised where possible. Major inspections at milestone product age, such as 10 and 25 years, can be carried out by Vector Lifting.

Complete inspections and reporting, in accordance to AS2550: 2011 and AS1418: 2011, is offered by Vector Lifting to ensure equipment compliance, and safe, ongoing use.

Crane Modernisation
In addition to repairs, Vector Lifting can offer equipment upgrades or improvements to increase productivity and safety. Upgrades such as crane functions motorisation of, i.e. hoisting, hoist travel or jib crane rotation, can be designed, installed and commissioned by Vector Lifting.

Major Overhauls and Life Extension
Where equipment condition is still serviceable, and further service life is required, through documented inspection and the possible upgrade of sub-assemblies, equipment life can be extended to maximise return from owners plant investments and reduce plant replacement costs. Vector Lifting can undertake statutory inspections, provide reporting and support for
required plant improvements, and if required, implement changes and certify upgrades.

Load Testing of New or Uncertified Installations
Load testing and deflection tests can be carried out by Vector Lifting for both new and existing installations. Load Test Records and Compliance Certificates can be included as part of the service.

Engineering Support and Spare Parts

As a designer and manufacturer of cranes and lifting equipment in Australia, Vector Lifting offers the complete engineering support and knowledge of our in-house engineering division to equipment owners. This results in fast and efficient delivery of maintenance and repair solutions, coupled with the ability to provide both proprietary spares and customise parts.

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