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Vector Lifting is an experienced global design and construction consultancy specialising in Railway Lifting Equipment, Jib Cranes and specialised Mechanical Lifting systems. Vector Lifting is at the forefront of design and manufacture of railway equipment, including wagon jacks, bogie and wheelset hoists, and crane products, throughout the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and South America.

Vector Lifting is an ISO9001:2015 accredited company.

Vector Lifting railway lifting equipment has been developed by close and ongoing interaction with both the mining and domestic rail sectors, and our expertise in railway lifting systems has now become internationally renowned. An extensive range of products, including wagon jacks, under-floor and above-floor train lifting systems, bogie and wheelset hoist and turntables, have been developed to provide solutions to the rail industries train and rail vehicle maintenance and handling requirements.

Slewing jib cranes and other specialty crane products, such as Travelling Gantry Cranes, have been developed by Vector Lifting and used in all types applications from small workshop to LNG Storage Tanks. Explosion-proof jib cranes and monorail hoists for the primary resources industry have become another example of our specialist expertise. With the design capability to completely customise our products, Vector Lifting can provide cranes, hoists and other material handling equipment tailored to specific project requirements.

Since our inception in 1989 we have undertaken a variety of engineering projects for clients within Australasia and in other countries. Some of these have involved major plant integration within processing facilities, such as tank mounted, travelling gantry cranes for an Oman LNG project. Vector Lifting is also the designer and manufacturer on the Australian Marine Complex Travelling Gantry Crane, in Perth, Western Australia. The crane has a 200 tonne total capacity, with a 65m span and 35m height of lift. The crane and the Fabrication hall into which the crane travels, are both supported and driven by Vector Lifting designed and built drive units.

Ongoing design and innovation projects include the Perth Arena Complex, Western Australia’s only moving roof stadium. Vector Lifting are the designers and manufactures of the roof drive systems, complete from control room to drive wheels.

Other projects have been of a complete ‘turn-key’ nature, with Vector Lifting taking responsibility from start to fully operational finish. The Taiwan High Speed Rail maintenance equipment project is a perfect example of this, with the installation and commissioning of a 12 car Underfloor Lifting System, turntables, bogie hoists, drop tables and other rail vehicle maintenance equipment. So whatever your needs in terms of project dimension, we’re keen to talk with you.

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