Let Vector Lifting Connect you to efficient Gantry Designs

The industrial world is ever-changing. Vector Lifting enables our clients to keep pace with those changes, connecting them to a fleet of gantry cranes. These tools – which accommodate a variety of environments, cargo demands, and workstation needs – allow companies to enhance their processes.

We offer:

Special Systems

Vector Lifting provides our clients with Australia’s largest mobile crane. The Special Systems is a self-propelled behemoth that effortlessly adapts to even the largest industrial loads, delivering a 50-tonne auxiliary hoist.

The Hercules

With a 5,000kg capacity, the Hercules gantry crane transitions through the entire production process. Its mobile design – which utilises casters – allows for increased usage in any indoor or outdoor environment.

The Hercules (Motorised)

Vector Lifting enhances the capabilities of its signature Hercules crane, fusing it with motorised technology. Steerable casters pair with innovative track designs, allowing for greater efficiency.

Portable Cranes

Ease defines our portable cranes. These gantry options offer aluminium constructions, adjustable spans, and a 5000kg capacity – ensuring both quick assemblage and improved results.

Free Standing Cranes

These systems provide a greater economy of movement, with their centralised designs promoting optimised workflow and enhanced operations in every station.

A gantry crane enhances the effectiveness of every company, simplifying solutions and improving productivity. To learn more about these items (as well as our available jib cranes, load forks, and pallet assembly tables) contact us today:






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