Vector Lifting can deliver the Portable Gantry crane for your job

It’s a small space – a corner tucked between the crowded aisles of your workshop, with pallets, boxes, and spare parts flanking both sides. Within its scant inches will be a series of small cargo loads (all processed, packaged, ready for dispatch to their appropriate stations). Manoeuvring these loads will prove challenging, though, and you question the logistics of such a task.

Vector Lifting offers answers to those questions: portable gantry cranes.

These options – which deliver AS1418 standards – accommodate even the tightest spaces, with their aluminium frames spanning between 2000-mm and 5550-mm. Adaptable designs boast adjustable heights and caster wheels while their lightweight frames (28kg) ensure easy assemblage. They streamline the production process, requiring only one user to both erect and use them. This allows for a more effective division of labour and simplifies every load.

A portable gantry crane offers a 5000kg capacity. This enables it to adapt to everyday needs with ease, fusing every workstation with versatility, efficiency, and durability. These tools prove perfect for environments with little space to spare (both indoors and outdoors).

Searching for a portable gantry crane? Vector Lifting offers a line of aluminium options, each promising optimised stations and improved production. To learn more about these tools – as well as our other products, including winches, jacks, and explosion proof hoists – contact us today via email ( or call us on 08-9417-9128.

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