Railway and Locomotive Jacks

Vector Lifting designs and fabricates a variety of railway maintenance equipment, including train lifting systems that can be designed for a variety of different needs. At Vector Lifting, railway and locomotive jacks are designed to suit a variety of locomotives, wagons, and rail maintenance vehicles. Railway jacks are developed to suit both railcars and locomotives. Jacks feature cantilevered extendable anvils for positioning and vehicle pickup, as well as double lifting jack systems incorporating both vehicle lift and bogie removal. Jacks are offered in groups of four or in multiple group configurations for synchronised vehicle lifts in mobile and fixed arrangements, and the mobile jacks designed by Vector Lifting are perfect for manual positioning. However, they can also be driven electronically. Vector Lifting’s extensive experience in the railway industry has culminated in their development of leading technologies to provide superior products to satisfy all types of service demands.

Top Quality Drop Tables Improve Your Workflow and Safety

Vector Lifting bogie drop tables are designed so that locomotive bogies, wheelsets, and traction motors can be serviced, or even replaced, as needed. Installed in a pit below rail level, the drop table consists of a trolley, lifting columns, lifting table, and traction motor positioner. The drop table supports and lifts/lowers the wheelset from under a locomotive, then traverses to a release track where the wheelset can be removed. Vector Lifting’s drop tables are efficient and compact, able to be positioned in their “home” positions, ensuring uninterrupted rail through the depot and an enclosed pit area. The drop table locks into this position to allow safe locomotive passage over the table. There is a traction motor positioner to support and tilt the traction motor for release or reconnection to the bogie. With the trolley, the lifting columns, and the traction motor, the wheelset can be removed or installed from underneath the locomotive. These drop tables optimise safety and efficiency in the depot, making fast locomotive service turnaround a reality.

Choose the Industry Leader for all of Your Railway Maintenance Equipment

Vector Lifting is an Australian owned and operated industry leader, and offers superior lifting and maintenance equipment designs. Taking advantage of Vector Lifting’s expertise and superior products from anywhere in Australia is easy with their many conveniently located distributors. Whatever equipment you need, Vector Lifting can design and fabricate it based on your exact specifications. From the smallest project to the largest, they will make sure you are satisfied every step of the way. They will even put you in touch with other customers who have ordered similar products to give you a better idea of what to expect, so you can feel confident buying any type of railway equipment, from railway jacks to drop tables. You know how important it is to choose a reliable and knowledgeable designer and distributor for your maintenance equipment; you can’t beat Vector Lifting’s cutting-edge designs, flexibility, and customer support.

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