Vector Lifting are experts in Structural steal fabrication

The quest for expediency drives the industrial market. Companies are forever assessing their operations, redefining in-house standards and eliminating steps that syphon away both time and profits. Simplicity defines every decision – which is why choosing experienced structural steel fabricators in Perth, Jandakot, and beyond proves so crucial.

Vector Lifting recognises the challenges faced by companies. This is why we connect our clients to specialised (and qualified) support, delivering superior structural steel fabrication across Western Australia. We tailor solutions to every market, expediting the design, construction, and installation processes – blending strict ISO standards with accelerated workmanship.

Vector Lifting: About Us

Since 1989 Vector Lifting has ranked among the premier structural steel fabricators, providing our clients with exceptional craftsmanship and accredited designs. Within our Cockburn Central facility, we adapt to a variety of engineering demands, overseeing the creation, transportation, and management of projects throughout Perth. Our team promises effective results.

They also promise comprehensive support. Those searching for structural steel fabrication need no longer struggle with complicated timelines, budgets, or project demands. We instead accommodate every schedule.

Choosing Structural Steel Fabricators in Perth: Our Services

As the leading structural steel fabricators in Australia, we emphasise both quality and convenience. Our services extend far beyond construction, ensuring that our clients reap the benefits of more than 25 years experience. Take advantage of:

  • Project Estimations.
  • Fabrication and Supply.
  • Engineering Design.
  • Custom Shop Drawings.
  • Surface Treatments.
  • Site Installations.
  • In-House Transportation.

Through these services, we provide versatile structural steel fabrication to Perth, Jandakot, and beyond.

Choosing Structural Steel Fabrications in Perth: Our Commitment to Quality

Within our manufacturing facility is a team of engineers, draughtspeople, and managers – all experienced with the creation and implementation of structural steel. They’re also all dedicated to quality, offering clients ISO:9001 standards and accredited support. They help each company achieve the necessary results: with speed, efficiency, and dedication.

Finding Inspiration: Our Past Projects

The Vector team has proudly serviced Western Australia for more than two decades. During this time, we’ve helped our clients complete a variety of projects, including:

  • The Perth Arena.
  • The Woolworths Distribution Centre.
  • The Worsley Expansion Calciner.
  • The Australian Marine Complex.
  • The Perth Destination Plant, and many more!

To learn about our involvement with these projects contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss our fabrication processes, architectural drawings, and more.

Searching for Structural Steel Fabricators in Western Australia? Vector Lifting Provides Dynamic Services to Perth, Jandakot, and Beyond.

Exceptional results demand excellent workmanship. Vector Lifting provides that, ensuring that our clients receive the support, service, and bespoke solutions they need to complete every task. We ensure that all operations are simplified and improved. To learn more about our structural fabrications – as well as our diverse range of crane, hoist, and winch products – contact us today:







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