Hire Vector Lifting’s Proprietary Take Up Winch

In 1987, Vector Lifting was started in Cockburn Central, Perth. Almost 30 years later, we are recognised as Australia’s leading design and fabrication company for specialised lifting and maintenance equipment. We built our brand on the foundations of quality and safety—both factors that your business will notice in the designs of our heavy-duty take up winches.

Take up winches, similar to any industrial lifting or hoisting equipment, require care and attention to detail to be operated safely. At Vector Lifting, we have spent the better part of the past three decades figuring out ways to make our hoists and winches easier to operate and safer for your team.

While it’s still important to train your employees on the finer points of how to operate our machinery, Vector Lifting take up winches feature designs that we optimised for the simplest installation and operation possible. If someone on your floor team isn’t sure how to engage a certain winch feature, for instance, he or she can just check the machine’s labels and data plates for clear and concise instructions.

In addition to proper labelling and simplified operation, Vector Lifting winches also provide an easy cam limit switch (to set upper and lower lifting limits) and are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Suffice to say that you will notice Vector Lifting’s 29 years of experience in the sleek, safe design of our take up winches.

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