Wire Rope and Electric Chain Fabrication

Vector Lifting is based in Western Australia, but has distributors throughout Australia for client convenience. Since 1987 they have been industry leaders with their superior and flexible designs for jib cranes, specialized lifting equipment, and maintenance equipment in Australia. They are ISO 9001 certified and specialize in designing and fabricating lifting and maintenance equipment to their clients’ specifications. Vector Lifting works closely with their clients through all phases of a project to ensure complete satisfaction.

Electric Chain Hoists and Electric Crane Hoists

Vector Lifting offers a range of electric chain hoists and electric crane hoists designed to meet – and exceed – Australian standards, as well as to provide you with reliable and safe lifting solutions. Hoists are designed with a focus on maximum operational efficiency and safety. Vector Lifting’s electric chain hoists also have optional additional features to suit the specific needs of an individual client. Hoists come in hook suspension, push trolley, and motorized trolley versions, so they can be used for a variety of applications such as workstation cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes, mobile gantry cranes, and more. These electric crane hoists have capacities from 1,000kg to 5,000kg and explosion proof rated models are available. They come with a control pendant and cable, or radio control for safety and efficiency. Electric hoists have upper and lower limit electrical switches and galvanized load chains. Users may choose either a 3-phase or single unit power supply. These features make Vector Lifting’s electric hoists the best in Australia.

Wire Rope and Manual Hoists

Wire rope hoists are versatile and can be used for lifting heavy loads quickly, even when a large height is required. Wire rope hoists can be particularly useful in high-duty areas. Vector Lifting manufactures an array of hoists for use in many different applications and their heavy-duty manual hoists are suitable for many applications in the industrial, construction, and mining industries. Choose a single or double drum arrangement and a capacity from 1,000kg to 10,000kg. Manual hoists include rope attachment points for existing ropes where required. If the hoist is to be used for servicing LNG storage tanks, it is equipped with rope anchor points for attachment. All hoists come with auxiliary ropes for general lifting and are low-maintenance and long lasting.

Vector Lifting Is Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Choosing a manufacturer for your mechanical lifting equipment is easy in Australia – you can rest easy knowing that Vector Lifting has unbeatable expertise in the industry. Vector Lifting will work to produce lifting solutions designed to your precise specifications so that you get products made just for you that will work perfectly for your desired applications. You can also be confident that you will be getting top-notch customer care from the beginning of the project through the life of your equipment with Vector Lifting’s ongoing support and spare part supply. No matter what kind of hoist – or other lifting or maintenance equipment- you may need, you can trust Vector Lifting with the job.

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