Loco and Bogie Turntables

Vector Lifting have developed turntables to suit locomotives through to various bogies and wheelsets. The turntables are designed to improve efficiency and workflow in the maintenance depot and rail yard. The bogie turntables are utilised to improve the workflow of bogies within the depot and prevent the downtime of overhead cranes and forklifts.

The locomotive turntable seen above is designed to support and rotate a locomotive (140T) with a diameter of approx 23m. The turntable can complete a 180° turn in approximately 2.5 minutes, however these specifications can be customised to suit site specific requirements. The Turntable system is installed within the concrete pit to allow ease of access to all areas of the turntable.
Vector Lifting Bogie Turntables are bespoke units that can be design and manufactured to bogies and maintenance depots. Turntable diameter, running tracks, stopping positions, and interlocking are customised to maximise operational efficiency and safety for users.

Turntable System Features:

  • Capacity and diameter to suit requirements.
  • Manual or motorised rotation for bogie turntable
  • Radio control & fixed position operation
  • Captive Key and interlocking for additional safety
  • Complete turn-key system including civil requirements of the pit.

Standard Safety features include:

  • Variable Speed Drives to ensure longevity of components and smooth operation
  • Flush alignment with existing rails
  • Slow down and stop limits to prevent overrun of the table to ensure rail alignment

Complete Customisation

With varying site demands, customer preferences and functional requirements, Vector Lifting has the capability to offer products tailored to suit project specifications.

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