Underfloor Lifting Systems

Vector Lifting has continued to develop and improve the Underfloor Lifting System (ULS) to assist in the maintenance of Electrical Multiple Units (EMU). The ULS has been developed to raise a single car or multiple car configurations. When raised the ULS will support the carriage/s whilst the bogies are lowered.

The ULS is designed to leaves a flat trafficable floor in the maintenance depot for ease of movement of forklifts and machinery when the system is not in use. The Vector Lifting ULS is developed with an adjustable body support claw to allow the system to support multiple configurations of railcar if required and increase the efficiency and safety of servicing the entire fleet.

The ULS is capable of lifting a single car or cars in a group configuration for synchronised vehicle lifts. Below a 12 car, 720 tonne simultaneous lift of the Taiwan High Speed Train is shown.

Underfloor Lifting System Features:

  • Multiple car lift configuration to suit the maintenance depot requirements
  • Height of lift customised to customer requirements
  • Mobile body support claw to engage with multiple EMU
  • Radio control or fixed position operation
  • Load detection
  • Captive Key for additional safety
  • Complete turn-key products
  • Interlocking with equipment with in the maintenance workshop.

Standard Safety features include:

  • Self Locking Lifting Spindle
  • Lift Synchronisation
  • Lift Nut Wear Limit Detection
  • Full Capacity Secondary Safety Nut
  • Lowering Obstruction Detection
  • Lift and Lower Travel Limits
  • Lifting Claw Extension and Retraction Limits

Complete Customisation

With varying site demands, customer preferences and functional requirements, Vector Lifting has the capability to offer products tailored to suit project specifications.

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